"STAFF" is Tim & Geoff (from the band "fuck"). They play the rock'n'roll type music.

What had happened was that in 2002 Tim invited Geoff to come out to Memphis for the summer and play some shows, which they did.

They toured as a duo under the name "Tim Prudhomme And Staff" playing songs from Tim's "With The Hole Dug" record.

They had a chance to record for a few days during this tour. The result: The "STAFF" EP.

Later that year they asked Mr. Tripp (from the band "The Grifters") to play bass when they did some shows with "Sonic Youth."

In 2003 the three of them did some recordings in a garage in Memphis. The result: The "George W. Hitler" EP.

Then they took a break.

Then, winter time 2004, at the tail end of a "fuck" tour, Tim & Geoff made some more recordings in Bologna, Italy with Mr. Sean (from the band "Quickspace") playing bass. The result: The "If It Ain't Staff..." CD.

In 2005 Tim & Geoff toured as a two piece again, this time in Europe with "Tocotronic."

And now, May/June 2006, "STAFF" will be performing all over Italy, this time as a three piece, with Mr. Sean.

So, there you have it. Whoa boy! Whoopie! Shoodie howdie shucks!